Option One Energy can help your business become more efficient by demanding less of the energy you use each day. We can help with everything from the energy audit, to the rebate procurement, to the implementation of a lighting retrofit project. Our goal is to increase profit for our clients by reducing energy costs and to reduce energy consumption through green lighting retrofits. The payback for these projects is typically 2 years or less and can reduce energy costs anywhere from 30-70%.

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Case Studies

Large Hotel Project

In the hospitality industry, aesthetics are key. Lighting is generally something that brings everything together so its imperative to find solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but that are also more efficient, reduce energy use and ultimately save money. Functionality was key for this hotel so we needed to consider lighting solutions that were dimmable and offer soft warm color. We replaced over 10,000 lamps with high efficiency LEDs with candelabra, recessed cans…

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Have you taken advantage?

Electricity deregulation began in the mid 1990s. Natural gas deregulation began in the late 1980s. Energy deregulation is done on a state-by-state basis with some federal oversight and regulations administered by the Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”). Each state has very specific rules and there are different energy markets in each state. Contact OOE to get the details that apply to your location(s) and the expertise that OOE provides.

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We were approached by OOE to do an analysis at one of our Michigan Avenue Properties in Chicago. In the past we had always assumed that going directly to a supplier would afford us the best overall price, guidance, support and ultimately savings. OOE proved this to be untrue and blew us away with their insight and analysis. They ended up saving us nearly 30% on our annual energy spend, which amounted to over $250,000 in savings over the next 2 years. Energy is proven to be unique and it is important to have a strong ally that can help us navigate this complex process effectively.
– CFO, Large Hotel Group